Innovation@Work Asia Conference

12th – 14th October 2022 - Online and in-person (Singapore)

As organisations and governments emerge from the pandemic-driven crucible of 2020 and 2021, the experience offers ample material for reflection on how leaders and workers alike can face a newly challenging geopolitical and economic climate.

Innovation@Work Asia 2022 will examine how stakeholders in the world of work have adapted to new workplace realities, how operations and practices have changed, and how the disruptions and innovations of the past two years have shaped society. Experts, business leaders and policymakers will discuss emerging trends, what fresh challenges and implications they pose for organisational life and performance, and what the future of work holds for people, technology and processes.

Panel discussion:

From human resource to human development - paradigm in practice

12th October, 3:35pm – 4:15pm (LIVE from Singapore)

Speakers: Bob Aubrey, Mallory Loone, Patrick Tay

Issues and challenges around employee well-being, workforce resourcing and work equitability in recent times have given fresh impetus to human centric approaches to people management and development. For organisations and leaders though, how does a ‘human resource’ view of workers differ from a ‘human development’ view?

Does it constitute a paradigm shift? What would it entail for organisations in terms of policies and practices? How do cultural, social or organisational contexts play a role in determining best practices in human development? In terms of global benchmarks on human development, how do Asian organisations fare and what informs their priorities?