AHEAD Accreditation

The Advancement in Human Enterprise and Development (AHEAD) accreditation is the first systematic assessment and validation of human development for organisations. If you are leading an organisation committed to human development in business, government, social enterprise, or higher education, the AHEAD accreditation is for you.

Launched in 2021 by the ASEAN Human Development Organisation (AHDO), the AHEAD accreditation makes you part of the international community of organisations leading human development at work.

Human development is about positively impacting your employees, stakeholders and contingent workforce as well as achieving your organisation’s mission and strategic objectives.  Based on UN principles and goals, human development organisations make a social contribution and ensure human rights across their supply chains. They ensure self-determination, access to opportunity, diversity and equity for all contributors.  The AHEAD process allows you to assess your strategy and effectiveness in all aspects of human development at work.

Benefits of AHEAD Accreditation

Covers 8 Review Areas

  • Purpose, Goals, Strategy
  • Human Development Functions, Stakeholders and Social Contribution
  • Enterprise, Innovation, Performance
  • Learning and Development of employees, contingent workforce, leaders
  • Rights, Diversity, Inclusion
  • Freedom, Voice, Participation
  • Investment, Resources, Technology
  • Measurement, Impact, Sustainability

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