ASEAN Human Development at Work

AHDO is the first organisation created to serve the community of human development professionals in the world of work. AHDO is also for organisations where human development is a purpose in alignment with United Nations principles and development goals, as well as the International Labour Organisation’s decent work mission.

AHDO supports members through activities, conferences, professional certifications and accreditation of organisations. AHDO publishes books, white papers and research on human development.

As an ASEAN entity we promote commitment to improving human development, build networks and support thought leadership from the region.

The People Behind the Organisation

Regional Leaders

Le Hong Phuc | AHDO Chair for 2021

Phuc did his academic studies to become an educator and then worked in worked in HR roles at several multinationals. He set up the first organisation for HR professionals in Vietnam in 2001. Phuc was always convinced that no single country could meet the human development challenges taking place in the ASEAN region and became an early founder of AHDO.  

Pambudi Sunarsihanto | Co-Chair

Pambudi studied in France and Finland. He did a Masters Degree in Artificial Intelligences from Universite de Nantes (France) and an MBA from Helsinki School of Economics (Finland). He has written several books on management and leadership and has more than two decades of experience in strategic learning and HR leadership. He was HR Director in Citibank, Telkomsel and Danone Aqua and he is currently the HR Director in Bluebird Group in Indonesia.

Eddie Lee | AHDO Executive Director

Eddie did his studies in Singapore and then gained experience as Regional Chief Human Resource Officer in a multinational company where he was responsible for 24 countries in the Asia Pacific region. He then became Executive Director of Singapore Human Resources Institute (SHRI) while working as a strategist, business advisor and mentor. He joined AHDO as Executive Director in 2020.

Dr. Bob Aubrey | Founder and Chair of the Advisory Board

Bob Aubrey has led a varied career as entrepreneur, writer, teacher, business consultant and founder of international institutions. He has lived in USA, Europe, China and Singapore and his work has taken him to more than 25 countries across 6 continents. As a professor, he has taught at business schools in Europe and Asia and  published 12 books on different aspects of human development.

Our Dedicated Teams


Committees at AHDO are how we communicate among members on human development topics and issues. They are specialised member groups in different areas at a regional and national level.

Committees are closed door meetings for AHDO members, chaired by regional leaders or experts in different areas. Regional committees are joined by members from different types of organisations in different countries. Committees are also formed at a national level for local needs and issues working with AHDO national teams.

Committees provide a platform to receive updates on developments and a dialogue forum to identify, share and discuss perspectives and share experience.

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