Courses and Certifications

Learn about Human Development

AHDO has created a range of courses and accreditations for both the individual and companies to create a standard for Human Development in ASEAN and worldwide.

Benefits of Certification

AHDO courses and individual certifications

AHDO is the first organisation worldwide to provide certification for human development professionals in the workplace. These programmes combine knowledge, exposure, action learning, career development, mentoring, network-building and expert feedback.

  • L1 is the foundational certification for professionals and future professionals.
  • L2 is advanced, for experienced professionals in expert or functional roles.
  • L3 is for leadership roles in human development.
Diagrammatic breakdown of AHDO Courses
Level 1 for Professionals

The Level 1 Certification is designed for individuals interested in human development. This programme, a first of its kind, will be the foundational programme you need to be a recognised human development professional.

Level 2 for Experts

The Level 2 Certification positions you for strategic human development needs inside organisations or as a service provider. Build your capabilities for high value human development work with this programme

Level 3 for Leaders

In the Level 3 Certification, selected participants benefit from the opportunity to work through their own responsibilities as leaders in a community of leaders from diverse domains and with the support and guidance from world-class mentors and thought leaders.

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