Multigenerational Workforce


With older generations working past the age of retirement and the arrival of Gen Z, we are seeing for the first time in history up to five generations working alongside each other. While generational diversity can be a great asset to an organization, introducing fresh perspectives and applied knowledge, when not handled with care, it can create a volatile environment, which leads to obstacles in communication and conflicting expectations.

Business leaders have to understand the priorities and needs of a wide range of generations in order to create the best possible environment for a vastly diverse group of people. Because of its cultural diversity and demographics, it is more important than ever for organizations across ASEAN to understand how to fully harness the power of their human capital through intergenerational collaboration.


The AHDO Multigenerational Workforce Committee aims to build awareness around the importance of Generational Diversity and explores why it should become a key item on employers’ Diversity & Inclusion agendas. It provides a platform where AHDO members can share information and perspectives around a variety of related topics, and offers business leaders fresh insights and research to help them develop strategies, programs and initiatives aimed at promoting intergenerational collaboration across their organization.


Rachele Focardi
Committee Chair: Rachele Focardi

Founder of XYZ@Work and Global Thought-Leader on Multigenerational Workforce Dynamics, Employer Branding and Talent Strategy.




Webinars: Quarterly sessions to address facts, challenges and opportunities in a multigenerational workforce.

Research: Yearly to understand what talent professional and business leaders are doing to harmonize the multigenerational workforce across the region, and to gauge the experiences, challenges and viewpoints of employees across generations.


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