Technological advancements have substantial impact on everyone’s lives. In ASEAN nations, the choices made by business, organisations and governments influence the ability of individuals to participate socially and economically in an increasingly digital world. Many challenges have been exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic and the lack of legislation governing the use and application of technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence, have given rise to ethical debates.

The AHDO Technology Committee is committed to addressing the broader issues of inequality and technological displacement and opportunity across the region, alongside the ethical and legal issues.


The purpose of the Technology Committee is to:

  1. Promote the opportunity for all individuals in ASEAN to develop the digital capability needed to participate socially and economically in the digital economy.
  2. Support the ethical use and application of technology by business, government, and other organisations.

The AHDO Technology Committee is committed to:


Committee Chair: Philippa “Pip” Penfold

CEO & Co-Founder, People Collider | University Lecturer | Start-up Mentor | AI Advisor




Education: Partnerships with universities for support in development and delivery of courses; training and certification; webinars with partners; student partnerships and support.

Research: Partnerships with universities, businesses and NGOs