Level 3 Certification

Since ancient times and across cultures, human development has been an essential dimension of leadership. It has always been present in the education and preparation of leaders.

In today’s world, as we enter the Anthropocene, human development leadership has become more complex and changing extending even to responsibility for the planet and human evolution. Human development leadership spans institutions, society, science and ethics.

In this programme, selected participants benefit from the opportunity to work through their own responsibilities as leaders in a community of leaders from diverse domains and with the support and guidance from world-class mentors and thought leaders.

Who is this certification for? 

*If you live outside the ASEAN region you can enrol for AHDO’s global certification by replacing travel to ASEAN countries with countries closer to home. You will still connect with your cohort online for mentoring, action learning and network building.

Benefits of Level 3 Certification

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