The ASEAN Human Development Organisation is the first regional organisation for human development professionals. Our mission is to improve human development at work and to build the ASEAN community of human development professionals and organisations with engagement with other institutions and international bodies.

AHDO supports development of the profession, thought leadership and research. AHDO has created the first certification programmes for human development professionals and the first accreditation system for human development in organisations.

For individuals, membership allows you to position yourself as a human development professional and develop your career across institutions and national boundaries.  

As a member, you belong to the growing and diverse community of human development professionals. You participate in networking meetings, conferences and events. You build your professional knowledge and capabilities through AHDO news updates, courses, committees, benchmarking and applied research.

If you are working, or want to work, in these areas, AHDO membership is for you

  • Organisational roles in human resource / human capital development
  • Professional services in consulting, training, organisational development, strategy
  • Technology for human development including software, media, productivity, working from anywhere
  • Thought leadership including freelance, academic and research experts
  • Social enterprise, NGOs and associations
  • Human development policy, law, human rights and social responsibility
  • Business leadership and functional areas linked to human development
  • Government human development and social services
  • Students in human development areas

Annual Membership Fees

  • Professionals: 100 SGD 
  • Students: 25 SGD

*If you live outside the ASEAN region you can enrol for AHDO’s events, publications and professional certification.

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Do you want to improve human development in your organisation and contribute to human development for stakeholders and clients?

AHDO is the first organisation to bring together different types of organisation across ASEAN with a common purpose: to improve human development for organisational success as well as for all human contributors and stakeholders. Whether you are a business, social enterprise, higher education institution, professional service provider or government ministry or agency, membership in AHDO improves your human development capability and impact. 

Services to organisations include membership for employees, committees, networking and human development advocacy on ethics, policy and practice. AHDO has created the first-ever human development accreditation for organisations with an integrated framework and with a strategic peer review. AHDO publishes books and studies, organises conferences and events, works with international stakeholders and provides certification programmes.

Annual membership fees for organisations:

  • 1,000 SGD for Organisations (includes 10 corporate representatives/nominees)
  • 5,000 SGD for Gold Members (includes 50 corporate representatives/nominees)
  • Adjusted fees for startups and SMEs according to size

*If your organisation is headquartered outside the ASEAN region your regional and national subsidiaries can be AHDO members and your global organisation can benefit from AHDO’s accreditation, publications and conferences.

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