AHDO at the FutureTalentCouncil

July 19, 2022

AHDO is partnering with the FutureTalentCouncil on human development. The FTC is a  global think tank and talent intelligence community that brings together employers, higher education professionals, and policymakers  https://futuretalentcouncil.org/about-us/ These 3 videos are from the FTC Virtual Summit on 21-22 June 2022.

1. How is the Human Development paradigm different from Human Resources and Human Capital? Overview presentation by Dr Bob Aubrey

2.  What is the "S" in ESG? How do you create and measure a Human Net Positive for your organisation? AHDO Panel discussion.

3.  Why do CEOs take a human development approach in their companies? How does it change the business? Three CEOs invited by FTC from Turkey, South Africa and India to share why they take a human development approach in their companies.

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