Employees in Malaysia lack training opportunities

September 21, 2022
A survey has revealed that nearly 100% of workers are interested in receiving training and development opportunities at the workplace to upskill themselves.

However, the chances of this happening are limited, according to a Randstad survey.

About 97% of Malaysians are interested in learning and development opportunities, but only 36% said employers offered them training in the past 12 months.

Asked what they would want to receive training for, 61% of the respondents said technical skills, 60% want to develop soft skills, and 54% are keen on developing in their current roles.

Besides wanting to become better at their jobs, the survey indicated that 96% of the respondents would like to meet with career coaches for advice on finding a better balance between work and personal life (65%), earning higher incomes (64%) and advancing their careers with their current employers (43%).

However, despite the enthusiasm, there is still a hesitation to upskill because of the overwhelming workload, as well as lack of mental capacity to attend training courses.

Workforce upskilling is a combined effort of both the employer and employee. In the era of digital transformation, companies need to invest in developing a future-ready and agile workforce to gain a competitive advantage, the survey said.

The survey was conducted between February 21 and March 13, with 750 locally based respondents who are employed and aged between 18 and 67.

This article was first published on HRM Asia

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