How female employees can gain the recognition they deserve

January 10, 2023

The World Economic Forum provides some tips for women to pitch ideas to management and claim credit for what they do in the workplace.

As the gender gap persists in workplaces, how can women claim credit for their work and stand out among their peers?

The first step is for female employees to change the way they speak, moving away from self-deprecating speech to light humour to convey likeability in more positive ways, wrote Pavitra Raja, Programme and Engagement Lead, Europe and Americas, Schwab Foundation, World Economic Forum; and Alexis J Taylor, ESG Strategy,, in an op-ed.

“Women are more likely to use self-deprecating or ‘softer’ language in the workplace. Women also tend to use ‘we’ in reference to their work, even if they carry out a task alone,” the op-ed highlighted.

Women should also look out for someone who champions them at the workplace and can speak on their behalf in high-level, closed-door meetings, the authors suggested.

“As companies become flatter and less hierarchical, learning when and how to step up, step back, and elevate one another is vital. Shared power, recognition, and accountability fuel these emerging democratic and decentralised company structures”, read the op-ed.

Women in positions of authority should also be aware of their judgement of other female subordinates.

“Senior women may judge up-and-coming women more harshly to manage the gender discrimination they have battled throughout their careers. Women may also mirror the gender bias they have faced by underscoring how they differ from other women and applying gender stereotypes,” the authors highlighted.

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