Human Development Masterclass at the HR Tech Festival Asia 2024

February 8, 2024

In addition to the AHDO Summit, our partnership with the HRM Asia HR Tech Festival Asia 2024 has a 1-day Masterclass - a series of workshops allowing people to learn more about Human Development in the workplace.

Find out more and view the full schedule here, or below: 

9:00am: Overview & Participant Icebreaker

Facilitator: Mallory Loone, Co-Founder – Work Inspires

9:30am: How Does Becoming a HD Leader Impact the Career of HR Professionals – Paradigm Change, ASEAN Scope, Cross-Sector Leadership
  • Case Study: Cross-sector careers and career change
  • Participant exercise with group coaching from AHDO leaders: Career content as HR and HD for each area
  • Participant sharing

Facilitator: Nadiah Tan Abdullah, CHRO | AHDO Chair 2024 – S P Setia

11:00am: Morning Tea Break
11:30am: Building a HD Organisation – Benefits for Companies, Stakeholder Impact, Business Opportunities, and ROI
  • Sharing from award-winning HD leaders
  • Advantages of shifting from HR / HC to HD for people, profits and planets

Speakers: Fong Tuan Chen, Senior Executive Vice President, Group Human Capital – Maybank; Daniel O’Connor, Chief People Officer – ALBA Group Asia

12:00pm: Mental Health and Well-being in the ASEAN Workplace – Research Findings and Company Best Practices

Speakers: Dr. Bob Aubrey, Founder & Chair of the Advisory Board – AHDO; Dr. Oliver Suendermann, Vice President, Clinical – Intellect

12:30pm: Lunch
1:30pm: ASEAN Organizational Challenges, Human and Organizational Development in Diverse Economies
  • Singapore’s challenges beyond human capital
  • Timor-Leste human development strategy
  • Malaysia beyond the middle-income trap
  • Indonesia taking the world stage
  • Myanmar rebuilding an open and competitive workplace


  • Renee Tan, Director of Research – Institute of Adult Learning (IAL)
  • Yeni Pereira, National Advisor for the Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs – Timor-Leste
  • Pwint Han, Group Chief People Officer – City Holdings
3:00pm: Future of Work in ASEAN: Participant Visioning and Sharing
  • Work in ASEAN 2050
  • Social trends and changes at work affecting individuals and organisations
  • Human development responsibility for the planet – ASEAN potential and threats


  • Prof. Dr. Virgel Binghay, Professor & Co-Founding Member of AHDO – University of the Philippines
  • Prof. Oliver Crocco, Assistant Professor of Leadership & HR Development| Author of Developing Human Resources in Southeast Asia – Louisiana State University
  • Dr. Fermin Diez, Senior Consultant – National Council of Social Service (NCSS)
  • Mallory Loone, Co-Founder – Work Inspires
  • Wulan Anggraeni, People & Culture Manager – Indonesia – ALBA Group Asia
3:45pm: The Future of Human Development in ASEAN

Speaker: Dr. Bob Aubrey, Founder & Chair of the Advisory Board – AHDO

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