Indonesia to improve job training for PWDs

November 19, 2022

The Social Affairs Ministry will be improving training for people with disabilities to widen their access to job opportunities or employment.

Social Affairs Minister Tri Rismaharini said, “We have conducted training four times for them to access employment”, adding that the effort to expand training for persons with disabilities is undertaken to encourage them to become entrepreneurs.

Meanwhile, the minister noted that Indonesia has in place Law No. 8 of 2016, which stipulates the minimum quota for people with disabilities in the total percentage of employees of State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs/BUMN) and state apparatus (ASN), as well as private firms. The percentage of employees with disabilities is allocated at no less than 2% in SOEs and state institutions and at least 1% in private companies.

Rismaharini noted that progress has been made in achieving employment for disabled persons, and so the ministry intends to keep working to achieve the Incheon Strategy goals, which include poverty reduction as well as job creation and social protection for persons with disabilities.

Through several programmes, the Social Affairs Ministry collaborates with other ministries in providing vocational training to people with disabilities as well as with various companies to distribute manpower. The ministry continues to motivate disabled people to become entrepreneurs, so they can live independently and exit the poverty line, reported Antara.

This article was first published on HRM Asia

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