Work Matters Podcast: Human Development

August 3, 2021

The ultimate objective of most employees at work is to contribute at their highest level to something bigger than themselves.

But in many organizations, work is broken: Innovation and creativity are stifled by bureaucracy. Processes are inefficient and complex. Structures discourage collaboration. Technology constrains instead of enables. Incentives are misaligned. Change efforts are slow, difficult, and often fail. How do we fix work and make it more productive, valuable, impactful, and meaningful?

Thomas Bertels, the founder of Purpose Works Consulting, explores the causes and what can be done to fix work through conversations with business leaders and experts.

In this episode, he speaks to AHDO Founder Dr. Bob Aubrey about the need for shifting HR's perspective from a focus on cost and productivity towards human development and the implications for organizing and leading the function.

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